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Champagne, Model Ts & Yo

Papo & Yo comes out next week, as an exclusive download for the PSN. The “fantasy-adventure-puzzle-platformer” from Montreal-based Minority Games looks amazing and is attracting a ton of industry attention due to inventive gameplay and setting: a South American favela, … Continue reading

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NPC: Winter Lodge, The Bloodstone Demon Door

NPC examines sentient, unplayable characters that add depth, pivotal experiences or tactical challenges to games. This time, we’re considering the Fable enigmas known as Demon Doors; specifically, the one located just outside of Albion’s port city of Bloodstone. Turn on … Continue reading

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QUEST: Acquire Reaper IFF/A House Divided, Part 2

QUEST is a series that looks at questing. Hence the name. This time, we’re visiting the second game of the Mass Effect series. In Part 1, we nitpicked zombies, and discussed the bait-and-switch tactic of setting out to rescue individuals … Continue reading

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